Fokker 100

Fri Apr 02, 1999 3:27 am

Hey All-
I am going on a trip soon and I am flying on a AA Fokker 100. Is it comparable to which aircraft? Is it neat? I am flying Detroit- Chicago.

Ciao--- Jack

RE: Fokker 100

Fri Apr 02, 1999 3:33 am

I am not overly fond of the F-100, but they're not bad. The interior is 2x3, so in that respect it's similar to the Super 80. However, despite being relatively new, the F-100's look a little antiquated on the inside. It's a good plane, but First Class is tiny!
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RE: Fokker 100

Fri Apr 02, 1999 3:59 am

Think of it like a DC-9-30 with a slightly new interior. I am not particularly fond of it either. Though I am not fond of the DC-9 or MD-80 as well. Too bad American decided to compose half of their fleet with F100's and MD-80's!
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RE: Fokker 100

Fri Apr 02, 1999 8:00 am

Oh sure, the Fokker 100 is a neat aircraft especially in the American Airlines colours. It's like a DC-9, a 2-3 seating layout in coach cabin but it's a much more beautiful aircraft than the DC-9 or MD-80. I like the Fokker 100.

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RE: Fokker 100

Fri Apr 02, 1999 8:21 am

I've been on the F100 a few times, all in USAir, and found them to be great. I find its 2x3 seating more comfortable than 3x3. It's pretty quiet on the inside, and the plane has proven itself to be very safe. Where the DC-9s and MD-80s are a little underpowered, the F100 has huge engines for a plane its size.