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AA738 On The Rise In Miami

Sun Dec 10, 2000 12:36 pm

More and more of the AA 738's can be seen which starts the gradual phasing out of the AA 727.A lot of Carribean markets out of the Miami hub are getting daily service of the a/c from MIA these are the current 738 flights
Guetemala City 2x
Mexico City 1x
Kingston 1x
Providenciales 2x
San Juan 2x
Managua 1x
Panama City 2x
Chicago 5x
Orlando 2x
Tampa 2x
NYC (Laguardia) 2x
Washington National 1x
Montreal 1x
BWI=Baltimore Washington Intl 1x
Denver 1x

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RE: AA738 On The Rise In Miami

Sun Dec 10, 2000 1:32 pm

About time we start seeing AA's new jets in the Carribean and Central America. Copa has more modern planes on their routes than AA does! I believe that it is essential for AA to offer new a/c as well as service enhancement to attract the business travellers who seem to have defected to DL and CO in the Central America markets.
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RE: AA738 On The Rise In Miami

Sun Dec 10, 2000 3:08 pm

Great, now if they'd just put them in Dallas, we'd have it made.
You know, I love the 727. I think it's a truly historic plane, and changed the way we think about air travel forever. But, it is no longer efficient, and doesn't even dream about being QUIET.
In spite of that, AA has now completely withdrawn 727-200 service in Chicago O'hairy and moved all of those lovely, smelly noisy beasts to- you guessed it- Dallas, Miami, and San Jose. Oh well, we shall modernize here in DFW later, I guess.
727- classic and lovable, but time has come.

RE: AA738 On The Rise In Miami

Mon Dec 11, 2000 3:35 am


Delta's yield factor year over year fell for the third consecutive quarter, yet according to you the high yield business traveller is defecting from AA.

Let's do some more research, before we make such unsubstantiated claims...

You might begin by reading the Continental and Delta boards at Webflyer, the online frequent flyer community. Apparently, many of the top tier flyers on both airlines aren't happy with the changes to the Medallian and OnePass program. In many of these notes, these same frequent flyers have indicated they are switching to American, because if upgrades on Delta and Continental are going to be harder to get they would rather sit in American's "more room in coach" cabin.

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RE: AA738 On The Rise In Miami

Mon Dec 11, 2000 6:06 am

The phase out of the 727's at American started a long time ago already. The last 100 was retired 7 years ago and the last 200 (64 of them left) will be gone in 3 years from now. American has already retired its last DC-10, the 727 is the next aircraft type that will disappear. 2004 will be a special year at American: 70 years in business, 40 years of "three-holer" operation just when there'll be the last 727 flight, that flight will arrive in either DFW or MIA.
I will never forget the beaufiful classic 727. I've enjoyed flying on it more than on any other Boeing type.

Ben Soriano
Ben Soriano