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BAX Cargo Plane Landed Wrong Arpt!

Mon Dec 11, 2000 3:38 am

BAX Global (Toledo) (you know your are having a bad day) had one of their McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63F freighters (N867BX) land at tiny Losco County Airport in East Tawas, MI by mistake on Friday (the runway is 4,800 feet long by only 100 feet wide). The aircraft was ferrying to Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport (eight miles to the north) for maintenance when it mistook the smaller airport for Oscoda in low cloud conditions (the aircraft was operating under visual flight rules without radar guidance). At the time it landed at East Tawas, the runway was being swept of snow by the airport manager. He quickly moved off the runway as he saw the DC-8 descending out of clouds! The airliner stopped with 800 feet of runway to spare (it landed right down the middle)! The airline has requested an FAA waiver to fly the aircraft out (it will need 3,500 feet to take-off) today if conditions permit. However a home and two hunting camps will have to be evacuated at the end of the runway just in case something goes wrong. Good luck!
My goodness!! Thanks God nobody is hurt!!


Got from on Dec10th.