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Do The ATC Test And Crash A/C! =))~

Mon Dec 11, 2000 1:47 pm

I wont html post the actual Frash applet because it times out in 30 seconds.


Test Your Skills

In this skills test, you will be presented with a simplified ATC screen in which ten [10] aircraft are flying on designated flight paths [tracks] represented by a blue or a red line.

The Aircraft are depicted as green 'tear drop' shapes. The direction of the aircraft is established by the 'rounded' end of the shape. The speed and altitude of each aircraft is annotated in terms of Knots [Kts] and Flight Level [FL] respectively.

You will have 30 seconds to consider the scenario presented and indicate if apotential conflict exists between aircraft and if so, how many aircraft are in potential conflict.

For example, looking at the scenario below the correct response would be A: [2 aircraft are in potential conflict].

Click here --> to BEGIN TEST (You might want to right click and open it in a seperate window.)


Post your results here.... be honest now.  

I chose 5 and I got it wrong.  

Oh... btw, did I tell you this is live data from MEL ATC? Be careful now... real lifes are at risk!!! (Only joking!) 

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RE: Do The ATC Test And Crash A/C! =))~

Mon Dec 11, 2000 1:55 pm

I guessed 4 and got it right, I found it easy

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RE: Do The ATC Test And Crash A/C! =))~

Mon Dec 11, 2000 1:56 pm

This is really cool. Too bad it doesn't change to a new scenario everytime you click it so you can get a new and different opportunity to play again.