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Cathay Pacific Leased Planes

Mon Dec 11, 2000 11:15 pm

I went on a Cricket Tour for Hong Kong. We went to Malaysia.
We took Cathay Pacific and it was an A330-300 with PTV's.
I understand that Cathay Pacific is borrowing planes one in which is a A340 from Air China.
Today (monday) we came back on an A340 that had no Personal Televisions, but i did know that it was one of the borrowed planes.
But what i'd like to know is that people paid money to fly Cathay with PTV's but they didnt get the service they paid for. I heard some passengers complaining that they didnt have the PTV's
I know that some of you may say sit back, relax and what more could u ask for when u can look out the window, but we did pay for the enterrtainment as well.

And (if you live in hong kong) Cathay advertise that they have PTV's on every one of their planes.
Can anyone say anything about this or what they think please?
( ofcourse i think Cathay is a great airline, one of my favourite! They were both great flights)

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