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Delta MD90-30's

Tue Dec 12, 2000 4:41 am

I was reading the post about SAS maybe taking Delta's MD90's which made me wonder....what happened? Why did Delta not order more? Was there any one reason why DL was unhappy with them?
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RE: Delta MD90-30's

Tue Dec 12, 2000 4:48 am

Don't know for sure, but I beleive DL initially comitted to the MD90-family to replace B727 and MD88, but when McDD went down they backed out and decided to concentrate on B737.
Therefore the MD90's now are 'the ugly ducklings' of Delta's fleet, and 'hidden away' in DFW.
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RE: Delta MD90-30's

Tue Dec 12, 2000 8:43 am

From what I have heard and read, DL was not 100% satisfied with the performance of the MD-90; the MD-90s were being introduced just as the Boeing and McDonnell Douglas deal was coming together. Delta originally had a huge comittment to the MD-90, orders/options/commitments for over 100 aircraft and had planned to use it to replace the 727-200, 737-200,737-300 and, eventually, the MD-88. Due to the timing of the Boeing deal and DL being less than thrilled with its MD-90s, DL only took about 16 (?) of the MD-90s and then placed a major order for 737-800s and more 757-200s. The MD-90s, I beleive, will be around for a while, but look for them to leave the DL fleet after DL has completed is 72S fleet replacement program.

RE: Delta MD90-30's

Tue Dec 12, 2000 8:50 am

According to DL's Annual Report for shareholders, the MD-90s will be phased out over the next 7 to 9 years, along with the MD-11s, to complete DL's fleet commonality program. Once this is done, they'll be down to three basic families- B737, B757/767, and B777, with DL Connection using CRJs and ATR truboprops.
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RE: Delta MD90-30's

Tue Dec 12, 2000 12:07 pm

Who else operates the MD-90's?

RE: Delta MD90-30's

Tue Dec 12, 2000 12:20 pm

Saudia also operates MD-90s. Ditto that for SAS and AA, though AA's came from RenoAir, and its getting rid of them quickly. I believe those are the only other operators, though I could easily be wrong. I don't have my references with me.
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RE: Delta MD90-30's

Tue Dec 12, 2000 12:29 pm

Is it just me, or does it seem that the last two major aircraft MDC designed, the MD-90 and the MD-11, did not meet their respective performance promises?

On a different note: Delta's MD-90 N915DN tied up airport traffic for 4 hours at SNA on 12/8/00 (or was it 12/9/00, not sure) after it landed and three tires exploded. No one was harmed, but several flights slated to land at SNA had to be rerouted to airports such as LAX.
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RE: Delta MD90-30's

Wed Dec 13, 2000 3:41 am

China Eastern operates 9 MD-90s.
China Northern operates 11.
UNI Air operates 12.
Saudi Arabian operates 29, including 3 delivered in October 2000.
Japan Air operates 16.
AA operates the 5 ex-Reno a/c, but not for long.
Delta operates 16.
Scandinavian operates 8.
AMC Aviation operates 5.
Air Aruba operated 3, but those have been returned to the lessor.
The prototype has been scrapped.
Uni Air had one more, but wrecked it and it has been written off.

All this information from Bill Harms' Commercial Jet Aircraft Census, available at:

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