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Qantas 767s & Ansett A320s

Tue Dec 12, 2000 10:27 pm

Does anybody know if the Qantas 767-300s that are used on domestic services are fitted with the latest generation of Business and Economy classes? If so, it is certainly a better way to travel than on the old and small 737-300 and -400 models, especially in Business Class.

Also, it has been rumoured that Ansett has refurbished Airbus 320 cabins. If so any details on the improvments? Appreciate any info. Happy flying......
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RE: Qantas 767s & Ansett A320s

Tue Dec 12, 2000 11:01 pm

Im not too sure but the B767-338s used on Domestic service are also the ones used on Intl. service, so getting the latest generation of business and economy classes is just a gamble on which aircraft is allocated to your slot i guess. I myself havent heard of any refurbishment in the AN A320 cabins, so I can not help u there.

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RE: Qantas 767s & Ansett A320s

Tue Dec 12, 2000 11:09 pm

It just depends. There are a number of dedicated domestic 763 acft. Some of the 763s that do intl segs also do some domestic segs. Its just a case of luck if you get one of the intl 763s with the good pitch and Dreamtime seats in J.