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Air 2000s Scheduled Services

Tue Dec 12, 2000 11:44 pm

British charter airline, Air 2000 fly scheduled flights between the United Kingdom and a few European destinations, using the code DP. I wonder if you can answer the following for me please...

concidering they're scheduled does that mean:

1) Just that the flights operate eg. every day at 2.00pm no matter how many seats have been 'sold'?


2) Air 2000 operate the flights like most other scheduald airlines eg. different classes, decent service etc?

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RE: Air 2000s Scheduled Services

Tue Dec 12, 2000 11:48 pm

I can tell you this, most people on these flights are holiday makers, I dont think you get Business men on these flights. They have different classes on their 767-300ER a/c only.
Most flights go out over 90% full.
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