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Another Scare In The Air For American

Tue Dec 12, 2000 11:53 pm

An American Airlines 767-300 made an emergency landing in Los Angeles today. The flight was scheduled from HNL to DFW, but made the emergency landing in Los Angeles because a passenger threatened the crew with a coat hanger and knife. LAPD and the FBI were waiting for the passenger in Los Angeles when the plane arrived. There were no injuries.

Source: KNBC-Los Angeles
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RE: Another Scare In The Air For American

Wed Dec 13, 2000 12:21 am

I wonder what the guy's blood alcohol level was?

RE: Another Scare In The Air For American

Wed Dec 13, 2000 12:35 am

Disturbance Forces Emergency Landing At LAX
Honolulu To Dallas Flight Stopped Short In Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES , Updated 9:49 a.m. EST December 12, 2000 -- The pilot of an American Airlines jetliner en route from Honolulu to Dallas was forced to make an emergency landing at LAX Tuesday morning after a passenger allegedly threatened others on the plane with a knife.

A local TV station reports that the FBI took the man off the plane and that he is being mentally evaluated at a hospital.

No one was injured in the incident, said FBI Special Agent Matthew McLaughlin, according to a local news service, but during the nonstop Flight 8, the suspect "started acting very aggressive, in a very threatening manner."

The man became unruly shortly after the flight left Honolulu, and the pilot was forced to land the plane in Los Angeles at about 1:30 a.m.

As the jet taxied toward the gate, the suspect -- identified as Paul Gordon Cochran, 46, from Texas -- opened a door and stood in the doorway with the two-inch knife in his hand, as police stood by on the ground, McLaughlin said.

"Police did a brief negotiation and took him into custody," McLaughlin said. The FBI was holding the man on suspicion of interfering with a flight crew, he said.

After one hour on ground, the flight resumed its journey to Texas.

According to news reports, Cochran was being held at a hospital for mental evaluation. If convicted, the suspect would face as many as five years in prison, the news service reported.

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RE: Another Scare In The Air For American

Thu Dec 14, 2000 2:45 am

Its kinda funny when I saw the report on this incident, they said the Boeing 767-300 and they showed a picture of a 757.. Some news people need to brush up on their a/c idenifications!!!!
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