Fri Apr 02, 1999 10:22 am

What are the main differences between between these 2 look a like planes??
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RE: 757/A321

Fri Apr 02, 1999 10:46 am

A321--containerized cargo
-wider fuselage
-no window exits AT ALL

757--much more range
-more pax (a few)
-option of two emerg. exit plans
-option of two engine makers

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RE: 757/A321

Fri Apr 02, 1999 11:23 am

757 -180 Min ETOPS
A321-120 Min ETOPS
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RE: 757/A321

Fri Apr 02, 1999 11:47 am

The real question is what are there similarities. The airplanes other than the fact that they both have two engines are completely different and do not compete together in the same market.The closest competitor to the A321 that Boeing manufactures is the 737-900. The 737 and the A321 both cary between 175 and 190 people. They both have similar range limitations. About 3000 NM. THe 757-200 has seating for 201 persons and can cary them 4550 miles. You can view all the info on Boeing, and Airbus' websites.
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RE: 757/A321

Sat Apr 03, 1999 12:58 am

The 757 has more powerful engines, can carry more pax a further distance and has a longer ETOPS rating.
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RE: 757/A321

Sun Apr 04, 1999 12:39 am

Just like to point out that the A-321 does also come with two engine choices.

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