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Reno Air

Wed Dec 13, 2000 11:31 pm

As someone who lives in Florida, I don't know much about Reno Air, other than the fact that they were acquired by AA a few years ago. HOw large of an airline was Reno Air? What was their market niche? Where did they fly?

Statistically speaking *hey, I do research,) Reno is not a large city - only 300,000 in the entire metro area (that ranks as the 128th largest city in the USA, much smaller than such cities as Augusta, Georgia, Daytona Beach, Florida, and Charleston, SC. So why would an airline be basaed out of Reno? I imagine it is a hotspot for tourism and conventions, so maybe that was part of the appeal.

Furthermore, they must have been doing fairly well, or AA would not have been interested.

Has AA abandoned Reno Air's markets?