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AZ In CA. And 747 To MD11@LAX In 1992

Thu Dec 14, 2000 7:26 am

Does anybody know why Alitalia changed there aircraft on the MXP-LAX from 747-200 to MD11 in 1992?It's seems as if the route is always full. Does AZ plan to expand it's market in California by adding new flights to SFO or LAX. They seem very requested and the flights, especially in the summer, seem to be always booked and overbooked many times. Why doesn't AZ fly a bigger plane to SFO and maybe decrease frequencies to JFK or some other destinaton to help it's very requested California market. The MD11 to LAX is very small in capacity because it's a Combi version. Alitalia should really focus on there Bay Area service. They even just opened a new international terminal. Is it true that in Nov. 1999 the company operated the 747-200 to SFO. Does anybody know why?
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RE: AZ In CA. And 747 To MD11@LAX In 1992

Thu Dec 14, 2000 7:43 am

What basis do you have for saying that AZ should increase its service to SFO? Do you have a bet going or something? To just come on here, and say "Look at me, everybody! I'm from San Francisco; therefore, all airlines should increase service here, just because I say so" is dumb and unnecessary. Stop complaining. SFO, in my opinion, is WAY overserved. Half the flights in there are just for connecting service on UA. Don't take this personally. A lot of people on this forum state that all airlines should serve 'their' city, just because he/she thinks it would be in the best interest of the community and airline. Who are you to say? Honestly? I want to know. Just because a flight is full does not mean the airline is profiting on it. So stop whining, and be greatful for what you have.