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Alaska Air 261 Transcript

Fri Dec 15, 2000 6:21 am

Here's "exerpts" from the cockpit voice recording of the crash of flight 261. Pilot Ted Thompson, co-pilot William Tansky. It seems to show that even though the crew knew they were about to die they remained professional and never gave up til the end..,.,

-4:11 p.m. and 31 seconds, Tansky: You have the airplane, let me just try it.

-4:11:33, Thompson: I don't know, my adrenaline's goin'. It was really tough there for a while.

-4:11:43, Tansky: Whatever we did is no good. Don't do that again.

-4:11:44, Thompson: Yeah. No, it went down. It went to full nose down.

-4:11:48, Tansky: Uh, it's a lot worse than it was?

-4:11:50, Thompson: Yeah, yeah. We're in much worse shape now.

-4:11:59, Thompson: ... I'm thinking, we can - can it go any worse. But it probably can. ...

-4:14:12: On the plane's public address system: Folks, we have had a flight control problem up front here. We're workin' it. ... I don't anticipate any big problems. ...

-4:17:09 Flight attendant visiting cockpit: OK, we had like a big bang back there.

-4:19:36, Sound of extremely loud noise in the cockpit, increase in background noise, sound of loose articles moving around in cockpit.

-4:19:43, Tansky: Mayday.

-4:19:49, Thompson: Push and roll, push and roll.

-4:19:54, Thompson: OK, we are inverted. And now we gotta get it.

-4:20:03, Thompson: Kick.

-4:20:04, Thompson: Push, push, push. Push the blue side up.

-4:20:16, Thompson: OK, now let's kick rudder. Left rudder, left rudder.

-4:20:18, Tansky: I can't reach it.

-4:20:20, Thompson: OK, right rudder. Right rudder.

-4:20:25, Thompson: Are we flyin? We're flyin'. Were flyin'. Tell 'em what we're doin'.

-4:20:38, Thompson: Gotta get it over again. At least upside down we're flyin'.

-4:20:54, Thompson: Speedbrakes.

-4:20:55, Tansky: Got it.

-4:20:56, Thompson: Ah, here we go.

-4:20:57, End of recording.

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