After SQ006 Crash Memorial Service...

Fri Dec 15, 2000 2:49 pm

Just saw a post about the 9V-SPK flew a dead body "rumour", here is the other one.

It was few days ago, when a Taiwan's TV news reported after the SQ006 crash memorial service in one of Taoyuan's stadium. The janitor of this Stadium stated that he heard "children are crying, and some scary noises occurs every night" and the near by residents also said that they heard something that was really horrible. and one day, when the janitor woke up in the morning, he found out that all of the SQ006's dead passenger's picture fell all over the stadium (the pictures were arranged already in a separate place). as a result, the janitor went to a nearby temple for help and some Buddist's masters went to the stadium and held another private memorial service.

what's your thought?
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RE: After SQ006 Crash Memorial Service...

Fri Dec 15, 2000 6:13 pm god......... this is getting spooky.....I do believe that the spirits exist when people die....and i guess the spirits of SQ006 are coming back.....
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RE: After SQ006 Crash Memorial Service...

Sat Dec 16, 2000 1:19 am

Hmmm. Is Singa[pore Airlines haunted.

It's time to get them an excorcist on all aircraft.
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