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Crew Bases

Sat Apr 03, 1999 9:24 am

Do cabin or cockpit crews ever work with people from other domiciles. For example, when I fly UAL from Denver to Washington Dulles is it possible for some flight attendants to be Denver based and other Washington based, it possible the captain and co-pilot (or flight engineer) could all be based in different places.
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RE: Crew Bases

Sat Apr 03, 1999 9:27 am

Yes. This happens quite frequently at UAL. On a recent flight from DEN to MSY(New Orleans) the FA's on board were from DEN and PHL(!). Internationally, there is always a mix, as UAL has many crew bases overseas. on the LHR-SFO flights, the crews are made up of LHR FA's and SFO FA's, etc., etc., etc.