Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 9:25 am

Mine was on an Aircal 737-200 from ONT to SMF. We hit an air pocket and started a steep downward turn to the right. Luckily, the pilot was able to recover. At the age of 11, I could tell you that I was scared to death!
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 9:36 am

Two compete for mine, though I have been lucky enough to avoid any major problems.

1. OA 737-200 IST-ATH. Pilot commenced takeoff roll on what seemed to be taxiway (though SURELY that's not possible!!!), then suddenly aborted with us ending up on the grass. Without seemingly the slightest check as to the condition of the plane, we were towed back onto the concrete and proceeded to takeoff. On that same flight, we were served a light snack but due to a quicker than expected flight time, the F/A had neglected to pick up our meal trays on final descent. Thus, there they were, struggling down the corridor with the trolley picking up plates as we touched down. Unfortunetely, there was only 1 F/A on the trolley, she let go on the hard landing and the trolley flew down the cabin with the momentum of landing and smashed into the cockpit door food trays flying which thankfully remained shut.

2. Garuda 747-200 DPS-CGK. Simply a VERY old plane with VERY old interior including ripped or non-existant carpet, broken seatbelts, overhead lockers which kept flying open. Plane shook for the entire flight with the wings in constant movement. Also on takeoff a stream of liquid (probably from the airconditioning units) descended into the cabin below soaking a couple of unfortunate aisle passengers. I must admit I prayed for the first time in a while, though the flight was only short.

RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 3:25 pm

It must have been the one I was on 2 days ago
TransAsia Airways Airbus A321
Macau-TPE (Taipei Chiang-Kai-Sheck)
The damn people in Shanghai didn't book me onto my connecting flight properly, so after minutes of screaming at the ticket man in Macau, they have me a seat in an aisle next to the emergency exit (though I was squashed next to a fat man)
My bags were put on the floor because no more compartments were available.
The aircraft made strange noises and the turbulence was terrible, with one meal cart flying down the aisle and hitting the toilet door.
the lights flickered on and off every so often, and the plane was as loud as hell!
The meal was very bad, compared to the previous flight from TPE to Macau on the same airline and aicraft.
The touchdown was extremely crosswind, and the person taxied at top speed.

Shawn Patrick
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 3:46 pm

My scariest flight was pretty mild, but in comparison to all of my others, the worst.

It was and America West flight from PHX to Colorado Springs. The gate agent comes aboard and says "the plane to COS has just been fixed" (what was wrong with it?). The flight was rather smooth up until approach into COS. We had very rough turbulence as we were descending, and it continued for almost five minutes, right up until we were maybe 500 feet off the ground. Let me tell you, it is pretty freaky to be bouncing as much as I was when you are that close to the ground!

Shawn Patrick
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 3:49 pm

oops - forgot to mention a/c type; 737-200

RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 5:43 pm

I agree with Future_Pilot...
there are way too many lies in Aussie_'s story...
An airline wouldn't be allowed to fly if it had broken seatbelts! And if it did, why didn't you complain to the fligght attendant! there must have been compensation...
I wouldn't fly with an airline with broken seatbelts.
Pilots know where the taxiways are, and they also ask for permission to take-off too!

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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 6:22 pm

QF747-Sq747 & Future_Pilot:
Did you that a Namibian 747Sp once took off from the taxiway of Frankfurt International?
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 6:24 pm


Broken seatbelts??? I don't think they will fly with that.

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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 6:36 pm

The most scariest part of when i was on a plane was when i was going to england from hong kong VIA bangkok on Thai Airways. When we started our takeoff ( we were on a 747-400) our engine number 4 failed before V1 and we did an emergency stop but everyone was ok and an hour later our engine was ok, ( they replaced something) and we took off
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 7:12 pm

My scariest flight was this past Halloween (coincidence?) on a Falcon Air B733. We had just reached fl300 when the pressure suddenly dropped in the cabin. We had to put on those oxygen masks and the plane made a steeeeeep dive. We reached fl100 in a matter of minutes. THAT was scary...'

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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 7:24 pm

Re: takeoff on taxiway - I said I wasn't sure about that and that it simply looked like that, especially as we ended up on grass. I mentioned how it seemed doubtful to me.

Re: seatbelts. Yes my seatbelt was broken (detached from seat). I'm certainly not saying all seatbelts were broken and when I informed the F/A I was given another seat. No doubt it was fixed, but of course I cannot comment on whether that occured or not. That being said all my other GA experiences were very pleasant.

And NO, I don't post lies. How would you people know anyway??
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 7:29 pm

Had a couple.
1. Garuda DC-10-30, Jakarta - Balikpapan

Well the aircraft cabin looked OK. The seats were OK and it looked like it had been refurbished not too long ago. Firstly, the aircraft was delayed 2.5 hrs on mechanical but we boarded. For the whole flight, I could hear grinding noises and I told the person that I thought the aircraft had a severe hydraulic problem. He agreed saying that he had never experienced anything like it. We started our descent and the undercarriage was retracted. Then recycled, recycled - four times. Oh dear! I was really worried now. Anyway, we aborted the final approach and attempted to land again. The pilot, in the end completed 3 aborted landings and I was expecting that we would run out of fuel. On the fourth attempt we landed and I expected that we would have an undercarriage colapse. We didn't and all was OK. The crew said nothing. ANyway, the a couple of days laterI was reading the Jakarta post and I saw an article "Garuda DC-10 looses all hydraulics and makes emergency landing at Jakarta" and thought I bet that was the plane I was aboard.

2. Singapore Airlines B747-400 9V-SKG
Singapore - Kuala Lumpur SQ 114
June 1998

The aircraft had an engine failure on takeoff therefore took off and landed again. The pilot apologised and said that the ground crew would check the engine and see what the problem was. Anyway, I was sitting towards the front door in Economy and two guys came aboard with some wire and plyers and looked at the cabin roof speaking in Mandarin therefore I could not understand them. They pushed on the roof and stuck the wire up the airconditioning vent and electricuted himself! It turned out that there was a problem with the oil supply and the aircraft could not take off so we were transferred to a brand new B777 - Yeah!! I still don't know that the wire and the plyers had to do with anything.
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 9:53 pm

About Aussie's post:

People don't seem to believe that a plane would attempt to takeoff down a taxiway. That's happened a number of times, especially on airports where the runway lights are poor, and not clearly and visibly different from the taxiways, which are sometimes wide as hell. And don't forget the Singapore airlines crash. What I mean is that sometimes a combination of unfamiliar airports and pilots not paying very much attention can cause this and has on occasion done so.

As far as broken seatbelts are concerned, don't always assume that all the world's airlines operate under the strict rules in place in the U.S. or Western Europe. There was even a period recently in Western Europe when the airline's belt buckle became something of a fashion statement for teenagers, and they were ripping them off right and left.

As to my stories, I typed them up a year or two ago, and if I can find them, I'll post them (several pages, mostly of incidents on post-USSR-breakup Aeroflot flights, including 2 in-flight fires).



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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 10:02 pm

Mine was a BA 734 (?) into Geneva. The start of the flight and so was the cruise but as we started to descend we hit CAT a couple of times and also the plane hit a 'bump'. This was according to the pilot another planes' wake but I dont see how that could happen (near miss?). But we landed fine and I was releived to get off!

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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 10:07 pm

I was on a flight back from the States a couple of years ago. It was an AA MD11. Just before the wheels touched the tarmac at Gatwick the pilot put the engines on full and went back up. There was a deathly silence in the cabin for a few minutes before the pilot informed us that he had aborted the landing as there had still been a plane on the runway. He made some disparaging remarks about Limey air-traffic controllers.
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Mon Dec 18, 2000 11:02 pm

My scariest flight was from Brussels to Gambia (don't remember airport name) on Air Djibouti (A-310) during the easter holidays 99. Tried to find the aircraft on or in the Commercial Jet Aircraft Census, but wasn't successful. In Brussels the aircraft had 3 hours delay due to 'technical problems'. Getting in the plane nearly every flight attendant had a different uniform (some of the stewardesses had these things over their face for religious reasons). One steward had a black eye (I think that's what the thing called you get when the other guy was bigger   ). Before take off the pilot spoke an islamic prayer through the intercom. The plane was also quite dirty inside (pieces of food on window). Safety cards were from Air France and the trolleys where the food is in were from Air Iran (or Iran Air). Flight was quite bumpy but no problems. On the way back we had 12 hours delay due to the Kosovo crisis (thats what they told us). They served quite old fries and sausage as breakfast due to the delay. (Same steward but blackeye had recovered).

Next time I pay a bit more for the package and fly Condor!!!

RE: Aerosol

Tue Dec 19, 2000 2:16 am

I found some pictures, i put A310 in the "aircraft" section,
and "Djibouti" to the "keywords" section

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Thomas Noack

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RE: Aerosol

Tue Dec 19, 2000 2:31 am

Yep, that's how the bloody bird looked like. Thanx
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Tue Dec 19, 2000 4:00 am

Well i dont know if it is a general practice or not, but at the new Cochin airport (COK) in southern india, the taxiway that runs parallel to the main rwy is almost exactly the same length, albeit slightly less in width.

the taxiway was used for landings and takeoffs atleast for some time while the main rwy was being extended to 14000 feet.

The scariest flight i've been on was an IC A320 flight where we ran into BAD turbulence while descending into Bangalore (BLR). I think we lost an engine, though i am not sure.

More recently, the aircraft i was on, a 737-400 of a private airline, made a real hard landing. I was like jolted out my thoughts, and thought we had crashed or something. After reaching the apron, When i asked the FA what had happened, she said that the rwy was pretty short only around 4500 ft and the rwy was slippery bcos of the rains, so this landing was NORMAL practice (sic). These babes do know to stand up for their pilots who make bad landings.

As it is i am scared shitty of landings. And this was scary!

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Rajesh Changela

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Rajesh Changela


RE: Adminstrator

Tue Dec 19, 2000 4:50 am

why did you delete my post?, it contained no profanities or insults. That guy said what I considered to be a complete lie and I had a problem with it......just look others agreed with me too.
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RE: Future Pilot

Tue Dec 19, 2000 5:19 am

Others disagreed with you as well and their posts were also deleted.
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RE: Future Pilot

Tue Dec 19, 2000 5:24 am

When you start deleting posts because people don't agree with them, you're completely overlooking the point of an open forum.

Think about it.
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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Tue Dec 19, 2000 9:09 am

just to make it clear that I had nothing to do with any deletion of posts.

I'm sorry that it happened


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RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Tue Dec 19, 2000 10:06 am

mine had to be on a Alaska airlines 737-400. It was a flight from anchorange Ak to Kotzbue ak A small little town in the artic circle. then on to my destionation...Nome. As we came into land the plane touched down and hit a pot-hole, as we swearved left the pilot rudders us back onto the rwy, and in the end I made it home.(the runway is in the middle of a lake)


RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Tue Dec 19, 2000 2:09 pm

I also did not delete any messages. I want everyone to post what they think. It does not mean we have to agree (or disagree) on everything.

RE: Scariest Flight Ever

Tue Dec 19, 2000 2:13 pm

I forgot to mention my flight on a Delta MD-88 from DFW to ONT. While landing at ONT, the plane's back tires touched down, then we went back up a few feet, then finally on the ground completely. I have never bounced up and down on the runway before. Out of 90 flights, that was the only one where I experienced this problem. The Delta pilot was a rookie at the time. Hopefully, he has mastered landings by now.

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