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V-22 Osprey

Mon Dec 18, 2000 11:15 am

Read in the newspaper that another V-22 Osprey crashed in the US the other week. Not sure of the exact figure but this brings the number of crashes by this aircraft to about 5 (???) What i'm interested in is why does this aircraft keep crashing and will it ever enter active service in either the American defence forces or in civilian use???
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RE: V-22 Osprey

Mon Dec 18, 2000 11:19 am

Correct me if I'm wrong. I believe they're in service already. If I'm right, Marines have committed 425 of Osprey to their fleet. This figure could have changed over time.
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RE: V-22 Osprey

Mon Dec 18, 2000 12:19 pm

To answer your question, the V-22 is a ground-breaking new design and represents cutting-edge technology. As in all such aircraft that are pushing the limits, there are problems in both working out the design bugs and working out the flight envelope. Some of the crashes have been mechanical in nature and the next to last one appears to be one of the pilot error.

Sadly, many of current fighters and helicopters in the US military went through such periods with lessons learned the hard way. The V-22 will enter service in the military because it is needed and offers substantial improvements over the helicopters it will replace.

The civilian version also eventually will enter civilian service, but only after the bugs and performance issues have been ironed-out and there is further history.
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RE: V-22 Osprey

Mon Dec 18, 2000 11:51 pm

I wonder what feelings pilots must have when flying V-22s... the crashes so far have been quite lethal, inc. that recent crash which reportedly killed all on board.

As teh above post suggested, designing helicopters has been painful. Rotorcrafts seem to share the same syndrome.

I hope they fix the bugs soon. It must be a great sight to see one taking-off or landing!
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RE: V-22 Osprey

Tue Dec 19, 2000 8:38 am

This machine is beautiful, to me. But I'd not want to chance a ride in one. I don't trust helocopters either. This aircraft doesn't share much with helos though, as I understand it. I think it is basically a turboprop twin with huge propellers and a capability to tilt the wing and engines for vertical thrust.

This bird literally hangs on its props during v-tol operations.

I suppose its possibilies are endless. Frustratingly- so are its dangers.