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Why 2 Types Of 757-200s For NW?

Tue Dec 19, 2000 3:50 am

I have noticed that there are two types of 757-200s. They are mainly distiguishable by the location of their emergency exit doors. The type with the two small doors over the wing are operated by AA, UA, DL, CO and I think TW. The type with one door BEHIND the wing is operated by US, HP, N7 and BA. I have noticed that NW operates both types and yet they are all called the 757-251. Why are there two types?
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RE: Why 2 Types Of 757-200s For NW?

Tue Dec 19, 2000 4:13 am


The Northwest 757's with the exit door aft of the trailing edge that you are referring to were originally 757-2S7's delivered to Republic Airlines prior to their 1986 merger with Northwest.

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Photo © John P. Stewart

The last few aircraft delivered prior to the Northwest/Republic merger were painted up in a hybrid color scheme that was more Northwest than it was Republic. I'm not sure why Northwest refers to them as 757-251's.


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RE: Why 2 Types Of 757-200s For NW?

Tue Dec 19, 2000 4:33 am

Sorry, EyeSky, but youre completely wrong.

The 757-2S7s originally delivered to Republic are ALL now with America West Airlines on lease from Boeing capital.

Northwest only operates factory delivered 757-251s currently. The older a/c, delivered in the mid-80s had one exit configuration, but later deliveries, in the late 90's had the other system. I don't know what the logic was behind the change though.

Republic's a/c were all powered by RB211s, as seen in your picture.

All of NW's a/c are PW powered.
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757-251 And 757-2S7

Fri Dec 22, 2000 1:06 pm

Boeing's customer code for NW is 51, while for Republic it was S7. So, in Boeing parlance, a 757-200 built for NW would be a 757-251, for Republic 757-2S7. To carry this further, a 767-400 built for Delta is technically a 767-432, as Delta's Boeing customer code is 32.

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