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New Athens Airport

Tue Dec 19, 2000 7:18 am

Does anyone have an update on the additional Athens airport? I look forward to visiting Greece early next year, and am curious as to whether or not this new addition will be on my itinerary? What about the old airport...what is that like?


RE: New Athens Airport

Tue Dec 19, 2000 7:35 am

The new airport is located at Spata which is 20 to 25 miles from the City of Athens. According to some people I have talked with who were in Greece recently, they said that the new main highway from Athens to the new airport has not been completed yet and the airport is to open in March 2001.
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RE: New Athens Airport

Tue Dec 19, 2000 8:02 am

well...if you were to compare the new airport to the old you would see so many changes!!...The old one is very very hard to transfer around especially if you come into Greece with a different airlne then Olympic and the want to transfer to go to the Greek Islands...The only way of getting around is by cab and that is annoying....The New airport will have many new features and im sure will accomidate anybody who flys to Greece.....No more getting out of your plane and going to a bus that takes you to the terminal....Yes Tedski i have heard that they will probably be done with the main access road a few weeks before it opens...well thats amazing..and ill be seeing the new airport beggining of June when I go back..and hopefully ill be flying in a 340-600 ! ! haha i doubt it though

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