Trip To Israel

Tue Dec 19, 2000 12:55 pm

Hey, I wanted to know from you guys if any of you have flown to ISRAEL before and what airline you flew there with.

Later in Summer 2001, there are 5 to 8 airlines that fly to Tel Aviv, ISRAEL.

British Airways
American Airlines
Sabena Belgian
Lufthansa German
Air Canada
Air France
Delta Airlines

Can any of you tell me which is best DEAL for this city and why....?

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RE: Trip To Israel

Tue Dec 19, 2000 2:02 pm

First a few things. AA does NOT fly to Israel.

I have flown to Turkey on DL and found their long haul service to be quite average. Besides they're commencing service to TLV on June 1, 2001, and who knows how ready their new people there will be. So the two US carriers you mentioned don't even serve Israel at this time.

I personally like all the European carriers you named above. You can fly directly from your city through that carrier's hub in Europe provided all these carriers serve your home city.

I have no idea why didn't mention CO and TW. They're both very established US carriers to TLV. After having read posts in this forum for quite some time, many people have spoken positively about TW's service to TLV. However depending on where you are you might have to connect on STL before TW's JFK-TLV flight.

CO will have its' second TLV flight back again in the spring so they'll have two flights to choose from instead of one for just one for DL and TW. They'll have a daylight AND a nighttime return flight back to the USA. And speaking of choices, of course there's LY! Who offers a number of flights, but for some reason you're not interested in them.