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Just Plane Puzzling

Wed Dec 20, 2000 8:09 am

Ok....we all know that the process to build airliners is a highly complex matter involving everything from installing engines and wings to stringing miles and miles of wires and installing seats and so on.
My question is this: do the major manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus, Canadair, Embraer, etc) actually PRODUCE anything? Yes, I know that they are responsible for final assembly of the finished product, but it seems like everything from the engines to the avionics to the inflight entertainment systems are brought in from outside contractors. So aside from designing the planes and putting the pieces together, the mfrs don't actually manufacture anything at all.
Is that true?
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RE: Just Plane Puzzling

Wed Dec 20, 2000 8:24 am

The times are changing. Today I doubt if the airliner makers make much other than the airframe.

But since I am a Convair son I can tell you that Convair made quite a lot of its machines- even the seats on the 880 (if you chose those seats). Those seats won an award for safety (Cornell U).

But all the companies then and now received thousands of parts from subcontractors.