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Best Airport To See Classic Wide Bodies

Wed Dec 20, 2000 9:01 am

I just got back from my first ever trip out of Ontario Airport in Southern California, and first of all, it's a great airport! Clean and nice, with plenty of space to grow.

I also noticed how many classic widebodies were taking off and landing. While waiting for my flight I counted 3 747-100s and -200s take off or land, in addition to an L1011, a DC-10, and a DC-8. They were all cargo flights, since I guess Ontario is a significant cargo hub. UPS, Emery, Evergreen, Atlas Air, and a couple others I don't remember (plus a USPS 727).

Anyway, if you're in SoCal and want to see the classic widebodies still in action, this seems like the place to go. It was nice seeing the old birds still flying...