Thu Dec 21, 2000 10:12 pm

Is Boeing still building the MD-11 tri-jet?
Are the only MD-11 models the standard model and the MD-11F? I've never heard of another series model of this aircraft?

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Thu Dec 21, 2000 10:14 pm

They only deliver the planes that already were offered before MD became Boeing.
MD 11
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Thu Dec 21, 2000 10:47 pm

the MD11 is still produced, 2 MD11F for Lufthansa Cargo are yet in production, but they will close the productionline next year (2001). The last 10 or 11 MD 11s went all to Lufthansa-Cargo, and LH-Cargo would have bought some more MD11s, but Boeing closed the order-books (Tooo early?).
Then, there will be exactly 200 MD 11 built.
Nice plane, I`m a bit sad about the end of the MD 11, but I think, LH-Cargo will fly them at least the next 20 years (as FedEx, too), so we will see that plane not! disappear the next years!.

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Thu Dec 21, 2000 11:18 pm

McDonnell Douglas also built the MD-11ER which several airlines have purchased. This model had an extra fuel tank located in the cargo bay for more range.
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Thu Dec 21, 2000 11:50 pm


McDonnell Douglas offered four version of the MD-11:

MD-11C (Combi)
MD-11CF (Convertible Freighter)
MD-11AF (All Freighter)

These are typical MDC designations, already used for the DC-8 (CF and AF), usually the freighter is refered to as MD-11F.

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Fri Dec 22, 2000 12:56 am

MD-11 Production has stopped since the summer. I think the last MD-11 built was tail "CN" for Luft. Cargo.

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