Workin 4 Int. Carriers IN Usa?

Mon Apr 05, 1999 9:44 am

I have heard that when applying, you should apply to every airline you can. If this is true, I live in DC. Would I also be able to be hired for such airlines as British Airways, Air France, SAS, Virgin, etc. Thank-you in advance.
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RE: Workin 4 Int. Carriers IN Usa?

Tue Apr 06, 1999 3:16 am

Those airlines are always looking for crews to be based outside of the U.S so go ahead and send them your resume. I would like to know though, why are you leaving the great UAL?
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RE: Workin 4 Int. Carriers IN Usa?

Tue Apr 06, 1999 9:06 am

Well I do not want to!!! But I hear it is hard to get a job so you apply, like a collge, to all or as many as possible. You see all who have expeted. You tak in factors such as money, times, planes, ect. and choose. If United does not accept me, why not try other great airlines like BA, Virgin, AF, ect..