Space Shuttle On Piggyback

Thu Dec 21, 2000 10:54 pm

I'd be interested in knowing about the mammoth task NASA has when it has to hoist one of the Space Shuttles atop that specially-configured 747 for its piggyback ride from Edwards (California) to Florida.
Anybody ever see this done? Or how it's accomplished? Would love to see that for sure!!!


David VP
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RE: Space Shuttle On Piggyback.........

Thu Dec 21, 2000 11:28 pm

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Photo © Tom Secoy

Just search "space shuttle" on You'll come up with a few more pics.

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RE: Space Shuttle On Piggyback.........

Fri Dec 22, 2000 12:58 am

Soviets bulit extra-large version of An-124 called An-225 Myria (biggest of them all) to carry sovier shuttle Buran (I don't know if it wqas the only reason)
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