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BA Isn't Giving Up On Oneworld

Fri Dec 22, 2000 1:10 am

Financial Times reported yesterday that BA will try again to get antitrust immunity with AA to strengthen the oneworld alliance. It is believed that president-elect Bush will be liberal in ths matter than his predecessor. BA's relationship with AA was "the most interesting" linkt to develop according to Rod Eddington, BA Chief Executive.

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RE: BA Isn't Giving Up On Oneworld

Fri Dec 22, 2000 4:13 am

Well that's great news!

I hope the DOT will finally... erm... how to put this in a G-rated way   give them the anti-trust immunity that BA/AA have fought so hard for and deserve. UA/LH is much bigger and open skies? Well who wants to fly to Germany anyways? 

I mean EVERYBODY wants to fly to London. I think it would be only fair if BA or AA gave up a couple of slots at Heathrow, but then again Heathrow should learn to work out the slot situation and utilize it to it's peak efficency, and then more flights would be able to go in/out of LHR (ie Delta, Continental, etc.)

Open skies with the UK is inevitable, so quit hemming and hawwing DOT, just approve it already... I'm writing my congressperson (the liberal that she is  ) and voice my support for this.

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RE: BA Isn't Giving Up On Oneworld

Fri Dec 22, 2000 5:33 am

Please dont miss this very very important and vital point. If the US gave anit=immunity trust to BA/AA without an openskies agreement, what incentive would either the UK or BA have to ever ever grant landing slots to any US airline? Stop and think about it. Also in 1992 when Andrew Card was Secretary of transportation under George Bush Sr. he refused to grant approval to the US Airways and BA codeshare at that time because of the slot issue etc. at LHR. That wa about 9 years ago and neither the UK or BA would back down. Eight years later Andrewd Card will be chief of staff for George W, this issues remain and CO has become a major team player on the international scene and in Texas. There will be pressure applied by CO not to do anything until there is an openskies agreement and not a phased in one.Stop and think about it. if that wasnt enough Tony Blair has an election coming up soon in the UK, the protectionist mentality that permeates all of the UK will prevail. The UK will do nothing that seems to the general population to harm British industries. In this case the perception would be that BA woule be harmed by increased competition at LHR. We all know that the benefits to the british economy and people would be tremendous, sadly the powers that be in the UK dont see it that way. Regards.