Flight Attendant Uniform

Tue Apr 06, 1999 5:16 am

question... not as intensive as boeing verse airbus... but will have to do for now...

what is your favorite female inflight uniform?

mine is emirates. very smart tan suit with a red hat and brown vail... ooolala!!!!

i do not go all the way to heathrow from winnipeg to plane spot... you will actually find me at the emirates counter drooling!

have fun everyone.
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RE: Flight Attendant Uniform

Tue Apr 06, 1999 5:30 am

Definitely AVENSA's DC-10 flight attendants to Europe.
Miniskirts, with boots all the way to the knees and a low cut shirt. These flight attendants are the finest AVENSA (Venezuela) has to offer.

Nice to see you back Seat 1A.........


RE: Flight Attendant Uniform

Tue Apr 06, 1999 1:44 pm

Some of the QANTAS female flight attendamts have quite sexy uniform, and United, Air New Zealand as well.

Personally, I think QANTAS has the sexiest female flight attendants... I may be a bit off topic here, but god, the Australian chicks, they're hot...
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RE: Flight Attendant Uniform

Wed Apr 07, 1999 7:59 am

I think that Reno Air and United have the sexiest uniforms. I especially like Reno Air because of the green skirts. They also all have nice legs!!