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Korean Air & A380/747X

Sat Dec 23, 2000 1:18 pm

Korean Air has been quite silent on the VLA front despite their status of being one of the largest operators of 744s in the world. I don't think they are in any rush to replace or supplement their long-haul fleet with a massive order, but it's inevitable by the time A380 enters service. Does anyone have any idea which model KE will choose?
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RE: Korean Air & A380/747X

Sat Dec 23, 2000 3:22 pm

Depends on there needs. If they can fill a plane with 600 seats then go for the A380, but if they can not stick with teh 744s, or 74X
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RE: Korean Air & A380/747X

Sun Dec 24, 2000 5:31 am

A380 or B747X negotiations will undergo after complete of B744F replacing plan acting currently, about 4 years after. KAL operates about 40 B744s and 16 A330s, and no A340s, it will be a good clue.

In my opinion, KAL has need for 5 to 10 A380 now, and it will keep increasing.

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