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Malaysia Airlines Near Miss!

Sat Dec 23, 2000 11:40 pm

hey man! i've witnessed a near miss between an A330 of MH and a B767 (probably, coz my car is moving on the motorway at 120 kph while my eye was catching that; might be EVA Air's coz BR alwaz depart at that time with 763 to SIN)

it happened when i was on my way to hiking (you can see the Penang International Airport from the peak). I saw this MH A330 flying into Rwy 22 and suddenly turned dad said it must be a go-around but a few secs later I saw a B763 climbing (taking off?) and trying to turn away from the A330! god! soon when my car's heading is parrarel to the runway i see the A330 coming back for another attempt.

i think this happened becoz the atc are too free ( very little flight to Penang International Airport) and were talking to one another. unlike the atc of busy airports- the have planes coming in almost every single second!

comments are welcome