Drunk On AirNZ

Sun Dec 24, 2000 2:47 am

Nov 17, 2000

A drunken Australian passenger kicked the pilot in the groin and assaulted eight others on board an Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400 flight from Sydney to Los Angeles with 265 passengers and 17 crew on board last Friday.

-I know this happened a month ago, but it sounds pretty stupid. Anyone know further details?

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RE: Drunk On AirNZ

Sun Dec 24, 2000 2:59 am

don't know any details on that one but there was half a year ago (or so) a simular incident on a germania 737 from mallorca to berlin. a passenger ran into the cockpit and hit the pilot in the face, pushed the copilot with his feet against the window and tried to push the aircrafts sticks forward. the autopilot disengaged and the three fought whild the ac dropped a few thousand feet. the captain managed to beat the mad mans balls (not kidding ... he hit him into his balls ...) and the copilot yelled into the cabin for help while he tried to recover. passengers then came into the cockpit and pulled the drunken man away from the pilots. a few days later, the pilot was in a talkshow reporting on the incident. that man really looked beaten up, he had been beaten really bad. he meant he was really lucky that they didn't crash. look in some german newspapers for germania 737 and translate them with .. that was a hughe story for weeks. (try it in


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RE: Drunk On AirNZ

Sun Dec 24, 2000 4:57 am


He Was'nt Australian

Sun Dec 24, 2000 9:29 am

I read the story of this happening in Australias "the Sydney Morning Herald". it did not outline that this person had kicked the pilot in the groin nor that he was Australian. I cannot be sure exactly where he was from, i think it was egypt. But it definately was'nt Australia.

Congratulations to the ANZ crew, who in spite of being treated so badly my ANZ management, managed to bring this situation to a stop.....well done!
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Sun Dec 24, 2000 5:49 pm

I agree with you 100% Qantas747-sp!!

Merry Christmas.

PS He was Egyptian!