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Parking Garage And Security Threat

Sun Dec 24, 2000 9:00 am

I've noticed that Houston Int'l (IAH) has parking spaces on top of its terminal. Doesn't that pose a security threat? Some sickminded terrorist can drive in and blow the roof apart. Of course they can walk in the terminal just as easily with a bomb and plant it inside, but at least security guards are on alert for suspicious packages. I think this just leaves way too much room for attack from rogue states.
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RE: Parking Garage And Security Threat

Sun Dec 24, 2000 10:25 am

This is the same case with the Terminal B parking garage at BOS. A grenade and a good arm could take out N603AA (a 757-223 I see at BOS occasionally). There used to be a parking garage on top of Terminal A at BOS, but the FAA closed it, deeming it a safety hazard, go figure! I guess there are places people can do this anywhere.

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RE: Parking Garage And Security Threat

Sun Dec 24, 2000 10:49 am

I know at TPA a month or two ago the entire ticketing area and parking garages were evacuated and the airsides were locked down due to a mysterious package being found in the parking garage. My guess is that with enough firepower most parking garages are within range to do serious damage to many airports and maybe aircraft parked there. Most airports have cameras and constant security patroling.
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RE: Parking Garage And Security Threat

Sun Dec 24, 2000 11:48 am

I know in Anchorage, the entire terminal had to be remodeled and the ticket counters moved back a couple of hundred feet because it was determined they had been built too close to the parking garage. The reason given was terrorist threats. It also did alot to help with traffic flow through the terminal though.

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