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Qantas Emergency Landing @ Ypad

Sun Dec 24, 2000 3:27 pm

"A Qantas flight made an emergency landing last night after it began leaking fuel moments after taking off from Adelaide Airport.

The plane, carrying 46 passengers, was on its way to Canberra when passengers reported to the flight crew what they thought was smoke near the fuselage.

A Qantas spokeswoman was quoted as saying the pilot of the BAE 146 immediately turned the plane back to Adelaide.

"It went back to Adelaide following an indication of a fuel problem," a spokeswoman said.

"The engineers had an initial look at the plane and decided, as a safety precaution, to keep the plane on the ground," she said.

She said the aircraft had been in the air for less than 15 minutes when the emergency occurred.

Airservices Australia spokesman Richard Dudley was quoted by AAP as saying passengers had initially thought the plane was on fire.

Passengers on the flight were being accommodated in a hotel. " (Source: Airwise News)

Has anyone got any information about this? The passengers initially thought the plane was on fire - anyone know if there was a fire on board? Seems that both Ansett and Qantas have been having their fair share of drama this christmas.

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RE: Qantas Emergency Landing @ Ypad

Sun Dec 24, 2000 3:30 pm

this actually happened a couple of days ago.
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RE: Qantas Emergency Landing @ Ypad

Sun Dec 24, 2000 3:40 pm

There was no fire - it seems that the pax saw the vapour spray of the leaking fuel.

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