A Bit About Me

Tue Apr 06, 1999 1:38 pm

Hello everybody!

I guess everyone's been debating over my topic 'Why did BA buy A320s". and i was amazed to see the respsones from different people.

I'm new to this forum but i've been surfing on since last year, and most of my airliner photos are taken from here too.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and I'm only 15 yeas old and I get involved a lot in commercial aviation-this year I'm gonna to QANTAS for my work experience. I'm not anti-airbus but i do prefer Boeing more than Airbus.

Does anyone here agree with me, thta if you know more about a particulur manufactuer, you go for them. Anyone agree?

I also make a lot of airliner models, especailly Hasegawa 1/200 series and I collect Dragon Wings models.

No, life's not all aviation. I also like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears, Claire Danes and they are my idols!!!!!! Anyone here like the above?

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RE: A Bit About Me

Tue Apr 06, 1999 4:55 pm

I guess I share your position towards Sarah Michelle Gellar, hope u don't mind :).

Alexander Alexeyev
Edinburgh, Scotland

Britney Baby All DA Way!

Tue Apr 06, 1999 10:08 pm

Oh yah! Britney's hott!!
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Wed Apr 07, 1999 4:19 am

I must be very out of touch. I have never heard of any of them. Who are they? Are they pop singers?
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A Bit About Me

Wed Apr 07, 1999 5:02 am

I just hope you take the pics with the permission of the photographer's.

BTW, I don't have idols, sorry.

Luis, Faro, Portugal

RE: RE:Who?

Wed Apr 07, 1999 7:12 am

Excuse me Mirage, but I use the photographs for my personnal use only.


RE: A Bit About Me

Wed Apr 07, 1999 7:16 am

And to answer B-707 questions:

1. Cameron Diaz is the chick who starrs in the movie The Mask, and the best movie so far i reckon was There's something about Mary.

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar is the chick who plays the popular TV show Buffy and it's famous in Australia too.

3. Britney Spears is the chick who sings, she's only 17 years old and her no.1 song in UK, AUS, and US is Baby One more time. IT ROCKS!
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RE: RE:Who?

Wed Apr 07, 1999 7:24 am

OK, sorry to ask.

RE: 777 Rules

Wed Apr 07, 1999 8:03 am

How old are you?

RE: 777 Rules Oops

Wed Apr 07, 1999 8:06 am

Hey I just read your first post and you say you are 15.
Sorry about that. Also do mosts guys your age down under like Britney spears? As most 15 year olds here in Cali are more into bands like KORN and the offspring also Prodigy.

RE: 777 Rules Oops

Wed Apr 07, 1999 1:26 pm

to Iain

Yeah I also like bands like Hole, Third eye blind, Fat Boy Slim, and so on.

Well, for Britney Spears, yeah, i like her stuff and boys here think she's a hot babe.