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Commonality In Practice

Wed Dec 27, 2000 4:03 am

I have read somewhere in this forum that ALPA would not allow pilots to be cross qualified on narrowbody and widebody aircrafts and I have difficulties accepting this as correct information. One of the arguments for the Boeing 757 and 767 was indeed their common cockpit and ease of pilot cross qualification; and commonality is a key argument for Airbus from the A 319 to the A 340. If pilots could not be asked to fly one type one day and another the following day (or week) it would prevent airlines from reaping the benefits of commonality. Can anyone explain the position?
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RE: Commonality In Practice

Wed Dec 27, 2000 4:22 am

It depends on the airline, and the agreement that they have with there pilots. For example, at United pilots are cross qualified on the 757 and the 767.
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RE: Commonality In Practice

Wed Dec 27, 2000 4:46 am

Are US Air pilots cross-qualified on the A320 and A330?