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Continental & More 777s?

Wed Dec 27, 2000 2:04 pm

It seems that CO currently does not have enough 777-200ERs to serve the amount of routes they are needed on. The EWR-MAN route will be switched to other equipment in the spring of 01 as the -200ERs are needed on the EWR-HKG run. Will CO order more 777s to fill the demand they have? What about 777-200LRs for the EWR-HKG run?
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RE: Continental & More 777s?

Wed Dec 27, 2000 2:19 pm

Off the subject I know, but on Christmas Day Continental parked one of their 777's on our gate 3 in EWR, thats right in front of our shop. Wowsters!!
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RE: Continental & More 777s?

Wed Dec 27, 2000 4:52 pm

CO has two more 772's on order, but they won't show until '02. I would expect more will be ordered sometime down the line, but management is being very careful; they want to be sure there will still be a need when the aircraft come online two years hence. Last word I've heard about the -LR version is that CO doesn't feel they are needed. However, this belief is very much subject to revaluation as decisions are made about new markets.
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