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Swissair A330 Question

Thu Dec 28, 2000 2:52 pm

I was looking at a recent Swissair timetable and theyhad two configurations for their A330's. One had three classes with their new "suite" first class and the other had just Business and economy. The C class cabin seemed to be the same C class used on their three-class planes so does this mean that they operate only 2 classes to certain markets in North America and elsewhere? Thanks in advance 

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RE: Swissair A330 Question

Thu Dec 28, 2000 5:20 pm

Yes they have two and three class A 330.
The two class aircrafts are mainly used to:
EWR (SR 112/113)
BOS (seocnd flight, SR 132/133)
I think, to Montreal and Dehli, but I am not sure and some other destiantions.
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RE: Swissair A330 Question

Thu Dec 28, 2000 5:25 pm

YEP! the destinations operated with 2-class A332 are EWR, BOS, Montreal, Delhi and I think also Tel Aviv (not sure). If my information is right, Swissair has 6 A332 with CY configuration.

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RE: Swissair A330 Question

Thu Dec 28, 2000 5:26 pm

The 2-class A330s are useon the following flights:

ZRHTLV (SR332/333 - SR336/337)
ZRHCAI (SR346/347)
ZRHDEL (SR194/195)
ZRHEWR (SR112/113)
ZRHBOS (SR132/133)
ZRHYUL (SR134/135)

You can these aircraft also often see on the ABJ and the first BOS flights.