A/C BoneYard

Sat Dec 30, 2000 9:28 am

Has anyone ever visited one of the A/C storage/scrap areas which are located in the Southern USA?

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Sat Dec 30, 2000 9:56 am

If you mean the Southwest USA, the storage/bone yards that I have visitied were Mojave, CA (probably the largest and most famous), Victorville, CA (also had quite a few planes), Goodyear, AZ (just had DC-10s to be converted to MD-10s), and Las Vegas, NV (had a few planes, mostly Uniteds). Personally Mojave was my favourite, as you can get right up to the planes and there is a large number of planes. Also Las Vegas was pretty good for taking pictures. It is sad though, to see these planes sitting out in the desert, some that will never fly again   .
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RE: A/C BoneYard

Sun Dec 31, 2000 2:05 pm

I've been to Maxton,NC-they had 3 ex-NWA 747-151's. I was taking pic's from outside the fence when a man invited me inside to take pic's! I got to walk under and around for as long as I wanted! I've also been to Las Vegas and Mojave,CA and Tucson AZ and Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson-a must for 707/720 fans! In 2001 I want to go to Phoenix/Goodyear and Kingman,AZ during my Las Vega$ vacation in June.

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RE: A/C BoneYard

Sun Dec 31, 2000 3:03 pm

Check out Marana/Pinal AZ. Enter the Keyword in the main page.

Other than Mohave, it's probably the largest storage area of commercial aircraft in the U.S.
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RE: A/C BoneYard

Sun Dec 31, 2000 6:29 pm

I've been to the boneyard in Tucson. It's on Davis Monthan A.F.B., and it houses 5,000+ military aircraft, along with some 707s(which they are using as canibalized spares for the Air Force's KC-135). It's an amazing site, with B-52s as far as the eye can see......

RE: A/C BoneYard

Sun Dec 31, 2000 6:39 pm

I have seen some of the photos, What will they do to the planes?...Cut the hell out of them?

By the way, how can we get to those sites? I mean are they stated on the map? or something like that?


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Sun Dec 31, 2000 7:05 pm

Have been to Greenwood, Mississippi - belongs to The Memphis Group, where they part out various aircraft; and to Marana (Evergreen Air Center). Always very sad to see the end of an aircraft...

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Sun Dec 31, 2000 10:08 pm

Care to tell us when Ceilidh?
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RE: A/C BoneYard

Mon Jan 01, 2001 12:30 am

I HIGHLY RECCOMEND the book-- 50 years of the desert boneyard by Philip D. Chinnery. It has to deal with the boneyards at Davis Monthan AFB (but mostly military planes).