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GPS In Glass-Cockpits?

Sat Dec 30, 2000 1:25 pm

is there any GPS Global Positioning System on newer mordern glass cockpits? older aircrafts?!? i know there is in FS2000..hehe/ Back to GPS, after the Korean Air shotdown President Ronald Reagen allowed airlines to use the American GPS, what does that mean? although this incident was believed to be some conspiracy.

GPS would help a lot in guiding rite?

RE: GPS In Glass-Cockpits?

Sat Dec 30, 2000 5:36 pm

In the case of KAL007, having GPS navigation wouldnt have helped at all. The B747 was fitted with triple INS's, but the Autopilot was following the heading selector.

Both the B744 and 777 have GPS information displayed, but the primary source of navigation is from IRS's.

As for President Reagan, he allowed the military satellites which provided GPS information to be used for civilian use. The abilities of these satellites were downgraded until 1999.
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RE: GPS In Glass-Cockpits?

Sun Dec 31, 2000 2:52 am

After speaking with a 777 first officer, THIS particular 777 mainly used GPS as the navigation system. However, the GPS was backed up with multiple IRS systems.