Sun Dec 31, 2000 4:35 am

In 1929, Pan American and the shipping company, W.R. Grace, formed Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra) to fly thoughout South America to link up with Pan Am's routes to the United States. Until 1967 when Panagra was taken over by Braniff International, it has develop a fleet of DC-6, DC-7, and DC-8. recently I looked up for Panagra Airways and I was surprise to see photographs of Pangara 727s in new colour scheme and they were taken in 1998. My question is is Panagra has started up again? is it the same airline as the old Panagra? and is it still flying today? if so, where?

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RE: Panagra

Mon Jan 01, 2001 12:41 am

Panagra was a Fort Lauderdale based startup back in the late 90's. It operated an ex-AA B727-100 and leased an ex-Greyhound B727-200 on charter and subservices but now no longer exists.
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