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Further Consolidation Of The SAirLines?

Sun Dec 31, 2000 11:26 am

Is it likely that Swissair, BalairCTA, Sabena, and the combination AOM/Air Littoral/Air Liberté will end up being a single airline (SwissEuropean?) in the not too distant future. Are there any other airlines that SAir holds a large interest in that would become part of this large European airline (or even other Qualiflyer members?).

Such a consolidation would save a large ammount of money in terms of management, and with a common fleet across the airlines allowing for better use of Aircraft. Swissair is known for its service, and this service could then be guaranteed across a wider range.

Anyone agree, or am I dreaming?

P.S. SAir hold an interest in SAA, don't they?
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RE: Further Consolidation Of The SAirLines?

Sun Dec 31, 2000 11:31 am

believable maybe, but I just don't see the Belgians letting go of their national airline (in terms of the name I mean - it's already in effect gone!).

The french airlines maybe, as AF is regarded as the flagcarrier, Balair is basically part of swissair too so that is also not a problem.

also, Qualiflyer cannot exist long on its own. I think they'll either split or go their own way or collectively join one of the alliances, allowing that alliance to dominate the european skies (Oneworld is currently the more likely, though rumours regarding Swissair and Wings are flying around).

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RE: Further Consolidation Of The SAirLines?

Sun Dec 31, 2000 7:08 pm

Today, SR holds stakes in Switzerland (Balair, Crossair), Italy (Volare and Air Europe, now Volare Group), Belgium (Sabena, to be 85% controlled by SAir), France (AOM, Air Littoral, Air Liberté), Portugal (TAP), Germany (LTU) and South Africa (SAA). Further to that, they still have some stakes in Delta and Austrian, but these are for sale, after their alliance (Atlantic Excellence) broke up.

I don't see only one "European Airline", as some of the brands are very good introduced in the market.

As for the global alliance: So far, Swissair is preferring route specific code shares over a fix global alliance. But in my opinion, the ties between Qualiflyer and Oneworld are very strong and will get stronger. Perhaps Swissair might even reconsider its plans and sell some less important stakes.

Any further alliance plans of Swissair depend on other factors, like the US-UK open Skies agreement, which would give AA-BA more possibilities, BA's future alliance decisions, and so on.

Apart from Oneworld, the only other possibility I see for Swissair is "Wings". Star and above all SkyTeam are not interesting for Swissair.

Any other thoughts?

Regards - Gerardo

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RE: Further Consolidation Of The SAirLines?

Sun Dec 31, 2000 9:01 pm

All I hope is that Swissair remains independent and continues their extraordinary service. We in Switzerland need our national airline, or else we would lose our connection to the rest of the world.
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RE: Further Consolidation Of The SAirLines?

Mon Jan 01, 2001 3:44 am


What a surprise! I thought SR sold its Delta shares after Atlantic Excellence went away.

You learn something new every day.

Happy New Year.


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