767's Wheels

Wed Apr 07, 1999 7:22 pm

OK, i want to get back to the wheels topic

Looking at some 767 photos, I noted an interesting point:

-the 767's main wheels have some sort of tilt, but to the oppisite direction to that of a 777 or a 747. In fact, the whole undercarrige unit is tilted downwards, not like 747s or 777s where it is upwards.

OK, why did Boeing used this technique?
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RE: 767's Wheels

Wed Apr 07, 1999 7:26 pm

they had to point the wheels downward because at the last second of the design phase and engineer realized that the wheels would not fit in the bay without being tilted, so boeing had to make the tilt permanent and it is even on on landing to act as another shock absorber!

The 747 and 777 must tilt their wheels downward also during retraction however only at the last second and the wheels are pointed upward the rest of the time.