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Pilot Dies 20mins Before Landing

Mon Jan 01, 2001 1:18 am

KYIV, Dec. 29 – A Ukrainian Airlines pilot died on Thursday 20 minutes prior to landing while piloting a TU-134 plane from Kyiv to Moscow, news wires reported.
According to the Russian newspaper Segodnya, the pilot, 57-year-old Vasyl Pasukh, could have died of a heart attack, based on doctors’ reports. But Ukrainian Airlines representatives said that "no pilot in the company can board a plane without passing a medical examination," the report said.

Ukraine’s air transport department under the state department said that Pastukh was examined on Dec. 4 by a medical commission, which considered him fit for flight.

But according to a pilot who wished to remain unnamed, if Pastukh was sick, he could have reported his condition prior to the flight. In reality, however, "Losing the job is a tragedy. Even retiring is considered a misfortune - you cannot survive as a result," the pilot told Segodnya. He added that this results in pilots bribing medical commission doctors to falsify medical exam results.

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RE: Pilot Dies 20mins Before Landing

Mon Jan 01, 2001 3:32 am

I believe it is quite possible to pass a medical exam with no indications of a heart problem, and up and die of a heart attack a few days later. Likewise, it's just as possible for a pilot to takeoff feeling just fine, and start having chest pain shortly afterward without warning. If there are any medical proffesionals out there, feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this.
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RE: Pilot Dies 20mins Before Landing

Mon Jan 01, 2001 6:45 am

there was a case a couple of years ago when a BA B747-400 captain died in his crew rest bunk on a flight enroute to Tokyo. It was reckoned he had a massive heart attack when asleep