Iberia's Last DC-10

Tue Jan 02, 2001 1:17 am

Last november 27th, Iberia operated for the last time its DC-10.
Was it necessary to stop this giant birds from flying? They weren't new, they only had 25% of their lives left, but they are being substituted by A340's, wich are much better aircrafts.
Well, the selling price for the Spanich trijets is $400,000, well, if someone's interested...

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Photo © Marlo Plate

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RE: Iberia's Last DC-10

Tue Jan 02, 2001 2:06 am

Look's like a good deal for JAT, I am sure they could spare $800 000. In the long run I think it would turn out cheaper than leasing the 2 DC-10's which they are leasing from some African comapny now.