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Potential UAL Collectable Timetables

Tue Jan 02, 2001 5:01 pm

While not knowing what some of the other carriers have in the way of a published shedule, I know that ours is probably one of the larger ones in regular print. The current one has nearly 800 pages, and yet it's completely free to one and all. The last sections has several pages dedicated to seat maps for all variants of all A/C. Last night I had just realized that our current timetable will be the last one to include any B 747-200's as these have all been retired from UAL's fleet. Same as with the DC-10 freighter. Furthermore this same current timetable expires on January 7th, to coincide with our schedule if ya wanna free momento, act fast. Last but not least, the next timetable will be the last one to include the DC-10. Like it or not, it was an important plane in ours and many airlines history.

Mark from UAL @ MSY (Where it's mighty cold, at least for the "Big Easy"