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CX And The 747-400LR?

Wed Jan 03, 2001 4:26 am

Currently Cathay Pacific is under a great demand for capacity. With the retiring of the 747-200s and 747-300s the airline is starved for inter-asian capacity along with long haul needs. The 777-200/300 and A330-300 are wonderfull machines but don't offer the same seating capacity. The A380 or 747X will not be available to 2005/2006 why doesn't CX order the 747-400LR? By ordering the -400LR CX will be able to increase capacity on long haul routes, and by pulling some of its older 747-400s off the long haul route and placing them on inter-asian routes (Ala the 747-200's and 747-300's old domain) increase capacity on some of their inter-asian routes.
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RE: CX And The 747-400LR?

Wed Jan 03, 2001 5:15 am

Yes this does make sense, and it would not surprise me in the least if Cathay Pacific ordered a few 747-400LR's (maybe 5 for a starting order).

But in my opinion I bet you CX will also order the A380, which when it arrives (if ordered) in say late 2006 or early-to-mid 2007, would be placed on routes where conditions are restricted (time windows, route permissions).

Cathay is wonderful at being able to operate both types of aircraft so efficently and to quell Boeing vs. Airbus fights on this forum (although the latter is a side effect, as if CX would care about the fights on this forum) and being a member of the wonderful oneworld alliance just makes it that much better  

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RE: CX And The 747-400LR?

Wed Jan 03, 2001 5:21 am

I think CX may end up buying as many as 15 A381's.

The reason is simple: their load factors are always near 100% capacity on every flight. They'll need the capacity of the A381 on HKG-LHR, HKG-NRT, HKG-SIN, HKG-SYD, HKG-SFO, HKG-LAX (maybe?), and definitely HKG-YYZ.