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Gulfstream V

Wed Jan 03, 2001 11:28 am

I recently read in an article in TIME Magazine about this specific aircraft. In the article in mentioned how popular it was to billionaires, multi millionaires ect. It also mentioned that it could fly from New York-Tokyo. I read in the History section of this site that the estimated non-stop travel time is about 14 hours. I thought that the time between New York-Tokyo is a little longer than that. Could this aircraft actually travel that route non stop? Thanks in advance.


RE: Gulfstream V

Wed Jan 03, 2001 11:46 am

I think when the G5 first came out on its round the world flight, it flew from Tokoyo to New York non stop, I think with very light loads it could handle this route.
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RE: Gulfstream V

Wed Jan 03, 2001 11:51 am

I use to work out of the Pontiac airport and saw Chrysler's GVs. I talked to some of their crews and they told me that they've gone from there to Japan nonstop without any problems and plenty of reserves. So, i'm sure NY wouldn't be too much of a stretch
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RE: Gulfstream V

Wed Jan 03, 2001 1:59 pm

The G-V has the record for business jet range. New York to Tokyo is no problem..cruising speed at that range is Mach .80. The aircraft earned quite a few awards and records for all this. Also the Global Express which is a little bit bigger has that kind of range. Gulfstream has now introduced the G-V-SP...which is also a little bit bigger than the G-V, and has longer range. I believe it possesses NYC-Sydney range. I saw a G-V a couple months ago in Tallahassee..the wings are huge... it's like a glider. A very beautiful aircraft.
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