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Scary Incedent At ATl

Thu Jan 04, 2001 12:53 am

I was out spotting in Atlanta and at about 5:00 something really scary happended. An AirTran Dc-9 came over the horizon of my view and as soon as it was out of view(20 sec) i saw a vangaurd 737 come over and my eyes got huge. Right after i thought they are going to crash as on a cue, the 737 raised his gear and gunned it for go around power about 5 min later he came back around to a safe landing. What is your opinion on what happened. I was really mad because 10 minutes earlier my scanner went did.
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RE: Scary Incedent At ATl

Thu Jan 04, 2001 1:16 am

It sound like a fairly common occurence of too little spacing between landing aircraft. I've seen a similar incident involving a 747 at LHR and a 737 at LBA, both aircraft increased power and performed a go around.