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Ah....the Good Old Days Of Air Travel.

Thu Jan 04, 2001 3:16 am

In doing some semi-random surfing, I found this delightful description from the late Braniff International about their new B747 and how exciting it would be. Contrast this with what we face today
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RE: Ah....the Good Old Days Of Air Travel.

Thu Jan 04, 2001 5:54 am

Those were indeed the days. I was fortunate to ride the "Great Pumpkin" once between DFW and LGW. I returned on the 747SP (did it ever get a nickname?) What a trip! I'll always remember my excitement when the giant plane started to pull back from the gate.

BN had their problems, as everyone who ever flew on them knows, but I miss them very much. They had an attitude about them, and they exuded Texas. If you were fortunate to live in the DFW area, then you knew you could fly to almost any major city in the US non-stop.

I was on an AA flight from DFW to DCA recently when the FA's began to hand out hot towels. It reminded me of BN, but it just wasn't the same.
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