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Alitalia, Iberia, A/c?

Thu Jan 04, 2001 4:10 am

My question is now that Alitalia has ordered the Boeing 777 to replace its MD-11's and 747 Classics, and Iberia has retired its DC-10's and plans to retire the 747 Classics with A340's, what are these airlines going to do with the space loss by the changes. Alitalia and Iberia are going to need equipment that is larger than the 777 and A340 to handle their busy routes that are now operated by their 747's. I think Alitalia was going to order the 747-400 but cancelled it herefore changing to the 777-200ER. I think Alitalia should order the 777-300 to substitute their 747's. Iberia should either order the 747-400 or find add more flights on routes such as MAD-JFK to deal with the capacity loss. Regards.
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RE: Alitalia, Iberia, A/c?

Thu Jan 04, 2001 4:40 am

I think they both should place orders for A380s.
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RE: Alitalia, Iberia, A/c?

Thu Jan 04, 2001 2:53 pm

Iberia is (or will be) leasing B747-300. The MAD-EZE route is really busy, I guess the A380 could work.
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RE: Alitalia, Iberia, A/c?

Thu Jan 04, 2001 4:20 pm

More frequency is the word. Especially splitting flights between MAD and BCN. After all most LA's airports don't have slot restricitons.
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RE: Alitalia, Iberia, A/c?

Thu Jan 04, 2001 4:42 pm

In a recent press release Alitalia revealed a 4 years plan of development.
Without enterting in specific details the plan envisages the need of replacing big jets with lower capacity ones and increasing frequencies rather than capacity.
Hence the decision to switch the Boeing order from the 747-400 to the 777.
Infact Alitalia has placed firm orders for 6 B777-200ER which will serve as an enhancement of the current long haul fleet; the 6 B777-300ER options are likely to be B747-243Bs replacements but there are 6 more rolling options of unspecified 777 version to eventually replace MD-11s.
I really don't think Alitalia will ever get the A380 which is of course too big for its needs. In the near future I see an order for more 777 and 767-400 or A330-200.
Anyway, if the planned growth in air traffic will happen, AZ could place an order for the B747LR/X or reach an agreement with a future partner (Air France being the most likely) for a joint use of the A380.
As for Iberia, they are building a long haul fleet based on the Airbus A340 so the most likely bigger a/c are the A340-500 and -600.