BA Tel Aviv B777 ....

Thu Jan 04, 2001 4:45 am

Which of these Boeing 777 that British Airways use for Tel Aviv & London Gatwick....??

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RE: BA Tel Aviv B777 ....

Thu Jan 04, 2001 7:02 pm

I believe that the usually use the first configuration on your link "14 aircraft in fleet". They actually have many more planes than 14 in that configuration now. The777Man
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RE: BA Tel Aviv B777 ....

Thu Jan 04, 2001 11:49 pm

I think they use that 777's with the silly 3-4-3 cramped configuration to Tampa and Grenada and to some other carribian Islands. These flights have the 4500- flight-numbers. And when the flight to TEL hasn't got a 4500 flight number you will fly with the "normal" 777 (First version)


RE: BA Tel Aviv B777 ....

Fri Jan 05, 2001 7:52 am


show me the first version of the B777 with British Airways...

How can you be so sure which version of 777 does BA use for LGW-TLV...??

BA has the lower 2Ks flight numbers, which can be european seat layout.


RE: BA Tel Aviv B777 ....

Sat Jan 06, 2001 3:37 am

Just thought I'd mention I saw a BA777 at Ben Gurion yesterday morning, in Union Jack colours. It was taxying to the R/W, and therefore I didn't catch the details. I myself was flying out to MAN with an ELAL 757.